Wow: Man Shot In Head While Helping Woman Who Fell On Sidewalk

Wow: Man Shot In Head While Helping Woman Who Fell On Sidewalk

It's crazy that this guy had to meet his end while performing a random act of kindness. 

Security video reviewed by police shows the father of three who was shot to death outside a Times Square bar trying to help a drunk woman who had fallen on the sidewalk just before the fatal gunshot, police sources said Wednesday.


The video taken outside Tonic Bar on Seventh Ave. near W. 48th St. shows people smoking on the sidewalk at about 4 a.m., including the victim Persues Salichs, 32, of the Upper West Side.


The woman is visibly intoxicated and yelling at someone other than Salichs.


“She falls down and the victim walks over and says something to her, which appears to be asking ‘Are you OK,’” a police source said.


“Then a man walks up and shoves him. The victim puts his hands up and steps back. The man pushes him again and then pulls a gun and shoots him.


“It’s extremely clear video and shows the actual shooting.”


Police are close to making an arrest, the sources said.


Salichs, who had three daughters under the age of 13, had just left a holiday party at the bar. -(Graham Rayman, NY Daily News)
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