Father Snaps & Murders Son! Read More Here.

Mark Redwine was found guilty of second-degree murder and child abuse in July after he killed his son, Dylan. Redwine had a court order visit during the Thanksgiving holiday with his son. According to the dailybeast.com, “Redwine snapped after him and his older brother—after the pair confronted him about the lewd photos of him in a red bra and eating feces from a diaper.” The story gets stranger....

The day after Dylan went to visit his father on Nov. 18th 2020, Redwine reported his son missing on the 19th of November. Redwine insisted that an animal of some kind probably killed his son, but there was no proof until 7 months after his disappearance.  According to the dailybeast.com, “Dylan’s partial remains miles from Redwine’s home. Two years after that, hikers found the teenager’s skull, which would later be key evidence in Redwine’s trial. A forensic examination found blunt-force trauma to the skull, as well as a fracture above the boy’s left eye—injuries experts testified likely were inflicted by another human, not an animal.” Ultimately, Redwine was sentenced to 48 years in prison.

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