Florida Man Impersonates A Police Office While Pulling A Cop! Details Here.

How insane is this? A Florida man by the name of Omar Forde, witnessed a vehicle driving with excessive speed and decided to pulled them over. According to Fox35.com "[Forde] was on his way home from his security guard job when he saw another car he thought was swerving with an impaired driver". The crazy part is that he pulled over Zachary Price an off duty cop! Forde told Price to slow down and it was then when Price called 911.

One would assume Forde would have all of his paperwork correct if his goal was to enforce the law, however that wasn't the case. Forde was charged with a suspended license along with impersonating an officer. Since then Forde has been released after posting a bond and denies impersonating an officer.

Only in Florida!

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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