Capp's Kidz!

Capp's Kidz is a program that recognizes the hard work your children put into school, and rewards them with prizes and experiences hosted by Power 99’s Cappuchino!

Grain Berry Breakfast – To promote attendance, good behavior, and healthy eating, Cappuchino and Power 99 teamed up with Grain Berry Cereal and the American Heart Association to surprise students at Alain Locke School with a breakfast party. The party was a blast, and a fantastic way to acknowledge students who had achieved excellent attendance and behavior. Cappuchino even decided to ask for donations on her birthday to make goodie bags to surprise the students even more.

UniverSOUL Circus Giveaway - Power 99 and Cappuchino have found ways to celebrate students in the greater Philly area, including a special experience with UniverSOUL Circus. We hooked up different schools and their classes with passes to the UniverSOUL Circus, giving some students their very first experience at a circus. Cappuchino was even invited by one of the winning classes to speak to their students.

Capp’s Podcast! - Because Capp is a mom as well, she understands that parenting can be fun, difficult and rewarding. That's why she created her podcast, Cappuchino's Kid Chronicles, where she speaks candidly and very bluntly about parenthood and things parents may deal with but are possibly afraid to speak about.

Capp Speaking at HS (pics of her at the school) – Register HERE if you’re interested in a visit from Capp in your school or classroom! (link to RTW)

More to Come! With Capp's Kidz, we plan to continue to encourage students to be great and reward students with special experiences like the breakfast parties, event giveaways and more. It's the little things that make students feel appreciated when they may not always hear the words of encouragement they need to thrive, and Capp's Kidz wants help with that.

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