New Jersey Mom Says She Got Used Diapers From Amazon

A New Jersey mom got the surprise of a lifetime this week when she opened a package from Amazon and it was… not what she was expecting.

Nassly Sales said she had ordered two diaper boxes from Amazon’s “Amazon Warehouse” section, where open-box and returned items are sold for a discounted rate. She says when she got the diaper boxes and opened them, some of the diapers appeared to be “soiled.”

Sales says she had picked up the diapers and they were a little heavy, and she was half asleep and the lights were off - so she then turned the lights on and noticed that they were soiled. She says she quickly disinfected their entire nursery and wiped down her young daughter.

Amazon’s website claims the company inspects and certifies each and every open-box product before re-selling them. They say they are currently investigating the situation and in contact with the customer to make it right.

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