Wow: Daycare Employee Gets Probation for Attempting to Hang a Toddler

Wow: Daycare Employee Gets Probation for Attempting to Hang a Toddler

It is hard to believe that we live in a world where people get sent away for non-violent crimes and people like this get a slap on the wrist. 

This is wild. 

According to Star Tribune, a Minnesota daycare operator was arrested and charged with attempted murder for tying a noose made from little girls’ spandex tights around a toddler’s neck to hang him. Upon being caught in the act, Nataliia Karia fled the scene and seriously injured two people by running over them in her minivan.


The toddler survived when another parent who was dropping off a child saw the boy in a noose and released him.


When it was all said and done, the consequences for these crimes led to, drumroll please…PROBATION. The judge in the case described the circumstances surrounding the case as a “perfect storm”.


After a two-hour hearing, Karia received a 10-year probationary sentence, with credit for the 20 months in jail. She also must follow court-ordered mental health treatment and electronic home monitoring for at least two months. She will live with her adult son but cannot have unsupervised contact with her daughters or other minors. Karia’s three other children are ages 2, 7 and 10, and child protection proceedings continue over her fitness as a parent.


In deciding against prison time, Quam agreed with the assessment by doctors that Karia was “a low risk” to reoffend. He called her actions “the perfect storm of factors unlikely to ever be repeated.” He said Karia’s “was one of the hardest cases I’ve ever had. … There are no easy answers here.” -(Bossip)
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