WTH? Priest Slaps Baby During Baptism Caught on Video

WTH? Priest Slaps Baby During Baptism Caught on Video

Some questionable things have always gone on in the church. 

This time, it was caught on video. 

Watch below!

The shocking video of the scene which happened in an unknown French speaking country has gone viral and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.


In the unsettling footage, the priest can be heard saying: "It's a tantrum, this is called a tantrum.


"I will spill water on the forehead, hmm?


“And then, I'll kiss the lil' kid - because he'll have become a little Christian.


“I will scream louder than you. So, calm down. Calm down.”The priest is shown to hit the poor child in the face because he would not stop crying.


After the clergyman slapped the struggling child, the distressed relatives grabbed their baby.


The shocked congregation can be heard to gasp at the strike from the priest and the scene that was unravelling in front of them.


The people in the church can be heard to say: "Don't hit the kid" and "Sir, we do not hit him."


The 40-second video has sparked outrage across social media with one user saying: “I probably would have slapped the dude myself.” -(Laura Mowat, Express UK)
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