American Airlines Sued After Woman Dies When Pilot Refused to Land

American Airlines Sued After Woman Dies When Pilot Refused to Land

This pilot didn't do what was best for one passenger and it resulted in her death. 

A newlywed nurse died on an American Airlines flight after suffering an embolism and passing out in the bathroom while the pilot refused to divert the plane despite an onboard doctor's pleas to land, it has been claimed.Brittany Oswell died three days after the flight from Hawaii to Texas in April 2016.


She was on the plane with her military husband Cory and were on their way home to South Carolina.


After passing out several times on the plane, her pulse stopped while flight attendants and a doctor gave her CPR in the plane galley after pleading with the captain to make an emergency landing.


They refused to numerous times after speaking to an on-call doctor on the ground, it is claimed.


When the plane finally landed in Dallas, four hours after she first passed out, she was unconscious. She was taken to hospital but was declared brain dead three days later with the cause of death given as cardiac arrest prompted by a pulmonary embolism.


Now, her husband and parents are suing the airline, claiming it could have prevented her death by getting her the help she needed sooner.


Brittany and her husband had been married for less than a year when she died.On April 15, 2016, they boarded their flight in Hawaii, where he was stationed in the military, at 8pm.  


Three hours into the flight, Brittany became 'disoriented and dizzy'.Flight attendants watched her as she slurred her speech then fainted, according to a lawsuit filed by her family last week.


She quickly regained consciousness but, around an hour or two later, she went to the bathroom and passed out after vomiting and defecating on herself.


The doctor who had examined her first then urged the pilot to divert the plane so that she could get medical attention but, according to the woman's family, they refused. -(Jennifer Smith, Daily 
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