SMH: Cops Break A Man's Leg Over Tinted Windows

It doesn't matter how small the infraction may be, when you're black in America the cops are liable to do anything to you. 

Footage of a punka$$ police officer breaking a black man’s leg by beating him with a baton during an arrest over “multiple traffic violations”, including having tinted windows, has been released by officials in California. Christopher Ballew suffered a broken fibula and a bleeding head wound while being detained in Los Angeles County after driving his White Mercedes. One officers tells the victim to  “stop acting like a dummy” when he appears to move during the incident.


Take a look at the video of the arrest and tell us if you think this force was necessary over a traffic violation.This young man looks like he was scared to DEATH. The 21-year-old now plans to take legal action against the city, according to Pasadena News Now.-(Bossip)