Whoa: Woman Chopped Husband Up, Lived With Body Parts For Months

Whoa: Woman Chopped Husband Up, Lived With Body Parts For Months

This is that next level crazy I never want to run into. 

An Ohio woman was arrested after police found he husband's dismembered body in her house. 

An Ohio woman is being charged with killing her husband in June and then living with his dismembered body parts in her home for five months.


Marcia Eubank was arrested for the murder of her 54-year-old husband Howard Eubank after his remains were found Saturday, News 5 Cleveland reports.


Summit County Sheriff's Office received a call from someone Saturday saying they found deteriorated remains at a home in Coventry Township.


Eubank admitted to fatally shooting her husband in the back of the head on June 13, authorities told News 5 Cleveland. She then reportedly dismembered his body using an electrical saw and other tools.


The 49-year-old then continued to live inside the house along with the body parts until they were discovered by police over the weekend.


Eubank's son, who occasionally lives with his parents, climbed into the house through a window Saturday when he was locked out. He then discovered maggots inside the home and smelled an odor, Sheriff Steve Barry of the Summit County Sheriff's Department told News 5 Cleveland.


He then texted his mother asking what was inside three plastic containers he found. She texted her son back telling him that it was his father's remains.She was charged with one count of murder and taken to Summit County Jail. Eubank's bond was set at $1 million. -(Brett Bodner, NY Daily News)
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