Michael B. Jordan Called Out for J'Ouvert Rum, Apologizes After Complaints

Sometimes people and companies don't know any better when they release certain things. Michael B. Jordan was on his venture of coming out with his own rum. The problem was the name. He called it J'Ouvert. The actor made the announcement over the weekend and his girlfriend Lori Harvey was posting pictures, but people went in accusing him of cultural appropriation, even thought he is working with his business partner who is of Trinidadian descent, according to Hip Hop Wired. This new venture just wasn't sitting well with people. They were upset he was trying to trademark u. And the J’Ouvert Rum rollout was a box set displaying an image fashioned after Trinidad and Tobago. People weren't happy. Well, Michael heard what people had to say and issued an apology. He posted the apology on his Instagram story and said they were working on changing the name. It's good to see he made things right after hearing how people were upset.

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Photo: Instagram screenshot

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