Yung Joc Is Not Embarrassed For Rideshare Side Hustle

I cannot trash anyone who is making an honest living. If your side hustle is legit, hey, go for it because there is no need to for anyone to knock the hustle. Speaking of which, Yung Joc isn't hiding the fact he was spotted driving a rideshare. He had some passengers who seem as if they were trying him and his new side hustle. On the recording, you hear someone tell Joc, "you must have fallen off." You hear Joc saying why can't he just make some easy money. He didn't seem embarrassed, as the title of the video indicated. But Joc told TMZ, is a way of teaching an important lesson to his kids and the next generation. He said he'd been working with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta for years, and this is another way to show kids they shouldn't be too ashamed or prideful to try a new gig. And when you think about it, we don't think he's fallen off, considering his gig on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, among doing other things around Atlanta.

Photo: Getty

Yung Joc (Getty)


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