Angelica Vila Backstage Interview at Peace on the Streets

Angelica Vila pops backstage with the Rise N Grind Morning Show's Roxy Romeo and Mutha Knows at our Power 99 July Peace on the Streets. They rave over her single "More in the Morning," as well as her fierce look as she sports a Givenchy shirt and thigh high boots. Roxy reflects on her previous interview with Angelica at the Power 99 studios.

Then Angelica Vila explains her connection with Fat Joe saying, "I mean, you know, I've been doing music for a hot little minute but you know the way Fat Joe, he found me, was because I did a little freestyle video to the Wild Thoughts' and, you know that, the DJ Khaled, the RiRi with um Bryson Tiller, yea so I ended up doing a freestyle like that and um it kinda caught a little buzz, like it kind of went a little bit viral, but Pretty Lou he's one of the hottest hosts in New York City and he had posted it he has a really close relationship with Joe so that's how Joe ended up finding me."

Angelica also explains making her music video as well as teases what's next for her including a new album and new music video.

Check out the full interview below:

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