Did 50 Cent Just Un-Cancel "Power"?

So uh, is "Power" not cancelled right now? It appears that we honestly don't know. 50 Cent took to Instagram and said that he "changed his mind" because it's "too good" - and it won't be over after season 6. But... did someone tell Starz though?

There doesn't appear to be anything from Starz... yet. The show's final season premieres August 25th, and if 50 still wants to continue, it's definitely possible that they may un-cancel it.

If it DOES stay cancelled though, it won't be the end of the "Power" universe.

TheWrap reports:

“Power” creator Courtney Kemp last year signed an overall deal with Starz’s parent company Lionsgate that would include spinoffs of the drama. Starz itself signed its own overall deal with 50 Cent that included a three-series commitment and would keep as an executive producer for any future “Power” series.

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