Tokyo Toni Claims Future Forced Blac Chyna To Have An Abortion


Tokyo Toni claims Future made her daughter Blac Chyna get an abortion. Lord this is too much for me on this beautiful Monday morning. You know Future and Blac Chyna's relationship was shorter than Spud Webb. She even tattooed his name on his hand. Now Mama Tokyo is making some shocking allegations on social media. The caption on the post said, 'Now!!! I'm done!!! @future I held this in long enough. Yes I know the abortion that my daughter had just before dream kardashian. 'Oh you know what an idiot this b**** is that's why you didn't want the baby. Oh I flew out when you flew out to tell her not to have that motherfucking baby. Unfortunately that was my grandchild that you and her decided to get rid of.' 'Unfortunately for you I don't give a f*** no more and I will spill every motherfucking bean I got. Starting tonight I will write a book of five thousand words that says [sic] named The Prodigal daughter BLAC CHYNA coming up next watch this!!!'

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