Cardi B Receives Death Threats

Cardi B is receiving gang threats for dissing the notorious gang, the Crips, on social media. 

Via AceShowbiz:

Cardi B may need extra security when she hits Los Angeles from now on. The raptress has found herself becoming the target of threats from apparent gang members after allegedly dissing notorious gang the Crips on Instagram. The "Bartier Cardi" rapper, who claims to have been a member of rival gang Bloods, posted on the photo-sharing site a picture of her wearing a blue fur coat. She wrote along with it, "I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin." Blue is the color of the Crips, but it was her choice of word "flue" that has her in serious hot water. "Flue" is the word that Bloods use instead of blue so they don't have to say the name of the color associated with their bitter enemies. 

According to TMZ, her post was soon flooded with threats from apparent gang members. "@iamcardib this will not be accepted #DONTCOMETOLA," one warned her. Another angry user commented, "Now why you go and do this f**k s**t Cardi. This is literally WestCoast Suicide .... b***h betta get #neutral." Cardi has since deleted the caption and turned off the comment section. The 25-year-old rising star is due to perform at the NBA All-Star game is L.A. next week, but it remains to be seen whether the threats will affect her schedule in the city. 

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