Toosii Is Taking A Break From Social Media After Dropping His 'Last Song'


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Toosii is taking a break from social media for awhile.

On Thursday, September 28, The Breakfast Club reacted to Toosii's decision to take a break from social media after he vented about everything going on in his latest track. Earlier this week, the New York native released "Last Song" exclusively to YouTube. In the song, Toosii hints that it may be his final song after a scandal in his personal life became public knowledge. In an Instagram Live video, Toosii admitted to cheating on his girlfriend, Samaria, and explained that their relationship wasn't "perfect." He also denounced his fame before he signed out.

"F**k this fame s**t y'all could have it," Toosii wrote in his Instagram Story. "This s**t lame. People love you then they hate you. I should've never even started rapping for y'all I should've just kept my music to myself like I did in the beginning to cope with my problems. And to my son, I love you man I won't be nothing like what my dad was to my mom. I love ya mom and she know that. My intentions pure but the world paint this f**ked up image of a n***a like I'm posed to be perfect and it's a relief to be able to finally let people know I'm not. I hope my son always stand on business and keep his head high cause his daddy did. F**k the fame I'm out."

After the song dropped, Toosii's digital team took to Instagram to confirm the "Heartaches" rapper will not be on social media for the time being. "Last Song" comes shortly after he revealed his plans for his new project Boys Don't Cry that drops on October 14. As he mentions in his verse, Toosii also plans on hitting the road in November.

Listen to what The Breakfast Club had to say about Toosii's situation above.

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