Couple Murders Landlord & Disposes Of The Body Near The Cops!

A Georgia couple has been arrested last month on murder charges. 911 was contacted about a suspicious vehicle that was driven off the edge of the road.

Authorities then learned, that the vehicle belonged to a Connie Mercer-Webb that was deemed missing once they interviewed friends and family. Mercer-Webb was the landlord to Nathaniel and LaShawna David. Officers head to Webb's rental property as it was roughly 300 yards away from the discarded vehicle, according to ABC6.COM. When questioned, the couple, Nathaniel and LaShawna David stated Webb, arrived to the rental property earlier to collect rent. They had a brief interaction and she then left shortly after. According to, officers heard shouting that someone had located Webb's body which was being removed as they were on-site! That someone was Webb's son!

"Authorities then saw Nathaniel David running away from the home, and they chased both the husband and wife. Nathaniel and LaShawna were quickly apprehended", according to ABC 6.

Thankfully, they were apprehended as they were caught red handed disposing the body. Nathaniel and LaShawna David have been changed with murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and possession of a sawed-off shotgun. This will be an open and shut case!

Prayers go out to the Webb family!

Photo Credit: @GettyImages

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