Byron Allen Hits McDonald's With A $10 Billion Lawsuit!

Byron Allen Multi-Media mogul filed a lawsuit against the multi-billion company McDonald's on Thursday in Los Angeles county.

Entertainment Studios Networks Inc. and Weather Group LLC both of which are owned by Allen were filed according to “McDonald’s intentionally discriminated against entertainment studios in weather group through a pattern of racial stereotyping and refusal to contract which is in violation of federal and state law”.

The document states that McDonald spends less than $5 million of their $1.6 billion of their annual television ad budget on black owned media despite African-Americans being 40% of their clientele.

Coincidentally the same day that the lawsuit was filed, McDonald’s made a statement that they will spend with black owned media from 2% to 5% by 2024 which will boost their AD spending on Hispanic, Asian American, female and LGBTQ-owned platforms according

McDonald’s plans to review and respond accordingly to Allen’s lawsuit.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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