Chilean Dogs Trained At The Santiago Airport To Detect COVID-19!

Chile is in the news again for something other than giving their president a $3,500 fine (See details earlier posts). The Santiago Airport is experimenting with their Golden Retrievers and Labradors to detect passengers with COVID-19. The K-9's are trained to sit when the virus is detected as they sport green "biodetector" jacket with a red cross.

How the detect the virus is interesting. According to, Passengers at the airport arrived to "Health Check Points" were they are requested to wipe their neck and wrists with gauze pads. The Gauze's are then inspected by the K-9 to test if they are positive with Covid-19. They have begun these tactics at the United Arab Emirates and Finland. There is a high percentage that this could be come the new way to keep the COVID cases on the decline.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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