Black Vultures Invade A Town In PA That's Vomit Smell of Rotted Corpses!

Climate changes have affect may aspects of the world. Climate change also seems to confuse the birds as well. By December, most bird would have migrated south by now, however with the warmer weather in PA has made them reside here longer than usual.

The town of Marietta, PA has had an influx of two feet long, scavenging, destructive black vultures that have recked havoc on this small town. The vultures are known to carry diseases such as salmonella and encephalitis which has been killing trees and plants. Asides for their bathroom usage on the streets, their vomit smells of rotting corpses. There have been a sighting of a few hundred vultures on a single block according to

The citizens of Marietta, can not do anything about their bird infestation because according to Lancaster Online, "black vultures are a federally protected species and can’t be trapped or killed without a permit. Doing so could yield a fine of up to $15,000 and up to six months in prison."

With the snow on the way, hopefully this weather will push these birds on their way!

Photo Credit: @GettyImages


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