Man Infected With Coronavirus Spits In Passenger's Face, Then Drops Dead!

Here's a daily dose of "WTF" - in Thailand, a man that was later found to be infected with COVID-19, spit in another man's face as they were boarding a train - and then the infected man died shortly after!

TMZ reports that the infected man walked up to another man who was in line to buy tickets and just spit right in his face. The man, a 56-year old, later tested positive for the virus after he was found dead that day on a train.

Fellow passengers say the man was coughing and vomiting while he was on the train. He was later found dead on the train in front of an onboard toilet. They tested him, and he was positive for the virus.

No word yet on why he did it, or if the man who he spit on has been found.

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