Restaurant Reopens Hours After Workers Caught Washing Dishes In Nearby Lake

This story is certainly very interesting — a Chinese restaurant in Nashville shut down and reopened the same day, after they were caught washing kitchen equipment in a nearby lake!

It all started when someone noticed that the staff were washing pots, rags, cooking ware, and grills in the lake, so they took photos and posted to Facebook. The health department in the area was quickly made aware of the video, and an inspector was sent to check out the restaurant. They immediately shut down the spot, due to a “potential health hazard.”

The explanation? They said that was “a drain that collected a lot of grease, and they wanted to wash it somewhere where that grease wasn’t going down their drain”, according to the Director of Bureau of Environmental Health Services.

The restaurant was told to “wash and disinfect all food prep surfaces and equipment” before they could reopen. They were issued a citation, and reopened the same day at 6:30pm.

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