Cardi B Responds to Rumors That She’s in an Abusive Relationship

  • Most celebrities do not argue with their fanbase, they let them think whatever they want.
  • Not Cardi B. She took to Twitter and let people have it.
  • She was upset people were saying she was in a mentally abusive relationship because she decided to go back to her husband, Offset.
  • It started off calmly, I just be starting to miss him. It's hard not to talk to your best friend and it really hard to have no d---.
  • Then it started to take a turn, Imma make this very clear. Before I was a celeb I was crazy ass Cardi. I don't know why ya expect something different now. This ain't Disney.
  • Abusive? Girl I'm the one that do the hitting and the sh* talking. I'm just a crazy b*** one day I wanna smack him and leave. The next week I wanna ride his ____. Ya'll be trying to analyze too much we just simply dysfunctional.
  • Photo: Getty