Social Media Debate: Is ‘Knuck if You Buck’ Canceled?

  • Many will agree that when the song, 'Knuck If You Buck' comes on at the party it is officially time to turn up.
  • Now there is a debate on social media to cancel the song.
  • It appears the producer of the song and member of Crime Mob, Lil Jay, is an outspoken Donald Trump supporter.
  • It was also revealed that Killa C who is on the last verse of the song was found guilty of molesting his then 6 year old brother.
  • Some on social media said they were not canceling the song. Yall not gon cancel knuck if you buck so shut up. Yall the same ones still eating Chick Fil A, still on Tik Tok and still shopping at Gucci.
  • Some said they were going to cancel song
  • Photo: Screenshot