Joe Finally Comments On 'Power ' New Theme Song

If you watched Power over the weekend, you noticed the new theme song minus R&B singer Joe Trey Songz was singing “Big Rich Town” instead of veteran singer, Joe. The new version was met with tons of backlash! On Wednesday (Aug 28), Joe finally responded to all of the memes and fan love for his version on social media. "All in favor say I! FANS HAVE A LOT OF #Power," he said. "Y'all are amazing! Will hit y'all once I'm settled in Africa. @50cent - ALL LOVE. We made a classic." Joe also uploaded a video to his Instagram page that shows a woman listening to Trey’s version before pulling the vinyl out of the record player and smashing into millions of little pieces. Then he shared a picture of himself over with the power skyline in the background and the words “The Voice Of Power” in front of him saying that they made a classic. 50 Cent joked about changing the theme song back to Joe's version after the uproar. "These motherf**kers talking about Trey Songz, all haven't bought a Joe CD in years and yall wanna talk about Trey Songz," he joked. "Trey did that as a favor to me. I'm a have to put it back the way it was." The first episode of the highly anticipated series aired last Sunday on August 24th 2019 featuring the “Big Rich Town” remix with Trey and A boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

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