Kodak Black Storms Out Of Ebro Interview

Kodak Black went on hot 97 and Ebro brought up his sexual assault case and said that they take that type of issue really seriously. The interview ended abruptly! Kodak got mad and left the interview. “We take sexual assault here serious and we can’t get into details, but we hope to have you back so we can have a deeper conversation about that,” said Ebro. His co-host, Peter Rosenberg, tried to change the subject and discuss the moon landing, but Kodak wasn’t having it. “What the fuck y’all talkin ’bout?” said a flustered Kodak. Things got even more awkward from there. After going silent, Kodak demanded that the hosts change the subject or he would leave. “I feel sometimes when ni**as like me goin’ through shit, y’all be entertained by bullshit,” he said. “So change the subject or I’m finna walk out.” When Ebro offered to end the interview, Kodak got up and left. “People don’t tell me what to talk about on my show,” said Ebro as Kodak exited the studio.

Source/ Credit: HOT 97 Screenshot

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