Katt Williams Claims Wanda Smith's Husband Pulled Gun On Him

Following the roasting of radio host  Wanda Smith on the Frank & Wanda Morning Show in Atlanta,  Katt Williams was confronted at gunpoint. Katt Williams told police that Wanda Smith's husband, Lamorris Sellers, pulled a gun on him and pointed it in his face outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater. While discussing Katt cooking for his seven children, Katt and Wanda started throwing jabs at each other, which resulted in Katt roasting Wanda live on air. Wanda fired shots at Katt over his hair and arrest record and that’s when the gloves came off. Katt started going in about her weight, her looks, her wig, and her cooking skills. Sellers admitted to police he had a gun, and that it fell from his waistband while he was chasing Williams, and he stopped to retrieve it, according to the report. He denied pointing a gun at anyone.

Photo Credit: Screenshot


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