Bobby Brown's Sister Says His Biopic Is 'Fake'

Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown Muhammad, is appalled by the portrayal of his wife, Alicia Brown, in “The Bobby Brown Story.” “Why did you let Alicia lie like that in that movie and say she welcomed your whole family into her life!!!???” Brown Muhammad wrote. “THE FAKEST MOVIE I EVER SEEN!” Brown Muhammad wrote on Facebook Wednesday. “THAT IS NOT ALICIA!” Brown Muhammad continued. “Paleeeeeeeez! Spare me that laugh! Such a liar! I’m wondering what is the motive for all this? I read well though… and trust I’m not dumb! Listen, Alicia if you think for one minute that you are going to kill my brother and get away with it guess what? All I can say is you better stay prayed up!” Brown Muhammad continued. “ In addition to the portrayal of her sister-in-law, Alicia, Brown Muhammad also wasn’t feeling the way Whitney Houston was depicted in The Bobby Brown Story either.“I do understand my brother wanting to tell his story. But my thing is, why lie or allow THEM to lie and make Whitney look so bad,” Brown Muhammad wrote to a commenter on her initial Facebook post. “Yes Whitney was feisty! But…but SHE LOVED BOBBY! AND SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO BE TALKED ABOUT LIKE THAT!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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