It's A Wrap For R&B Group 112

It's a wrap for 112! In a lengthy post, Slim had this to say, “No one is perfect, trust me I'm far from it. But... IT'S TIME TO BE HONEST ABOUT 112. You want answers? Why do you see only 2 people in performances? As you see in these texts [posted alongside this message], especially the first two, it is very self-explanatory. My text is the last. I'm for the brand. I never left it, never cheated it.” Then he blamed his fellow band mates for trying to split up the group, writing, “Part of being a leader is humility. Putting others before self for the brand. Just how I'm built... Ironically, the same guys who broke the group up before are at it again. Although it's easy to walk away and pick up solo situations or investments, it would be unfair to not at least give a hint about what's going on.” “A person who is only around me because of a contract ain't worthy of calling me a brother. The brotherhood was broken in ‘03-’04. The parties know why and I was honest about where I stand, so STOP LYING ABOUT FRIENDSHIPS. It's business. I’m not going to allow members to run brand in the ground...AGAIN.” “For a person to want to sue the same person who helped [him] when [he] was at [his] worst—no, we aren't bros. Be who you are and proud! Don't hide your fangs and rattle. 🐍🐍🐍 [It’s] easy to lie to others. I will expose your ACTIONS. How are you entitled to a brand you're not loyal to?? [It’s] hard to excuse [it] when it happens over and OVER AGAIN. Your management/lawyer has known you a few years. I'VE KNOWN YOU MOST OF YOUR LIFE!”

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