Michael Bivins Confirms The New Edition Tour Is Canceled

If you were looking forward to seeing New Edition on tour this summer don't hold your breath! Apparently, Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant are holding things up. Allegedly, the reason why the group isn’t touring together has to do with an ongoing feud over the New Edition trademark. NE members Johnny and Ralph own it and are allegedly refusing to add the other group members. Mike Bivins took to Instagram to shed some light on the situation. “I know yall need answers on why ish is not going down,” he said in the caption. “I’m on record this morning on behalf of Orchard Park Projects, Boston, Maurice Starr, Candy Girl and all that have participated and worked for this organization.I will do my part and talk and open up communication to get this ish back on track Ralph, Ricky, Ronnie, Bobby, Johnny & Brooke. With love and honor and respect at the table, God can do his work Good am & God Bless Michael L.Bivins #Bivfam and my big brothers.”


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