HBO Releases Fahrenheit 451 Trailer Starring Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan on GMA

HBO has released a first look at their forthcoming drama, "Fahrenheit 451," starring Michael B. Jordan. 

Via Movieweb:

The movie is adapted from Ray Bradbury's 1953 novel where the future of the United States bans the written word and a team of "Firemen" hunts down books to burn them. The movie stars Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon and from what the trailer shows, it looks just as intense as the book reads. It's an appropriate time to see Fahrenheit 451 come into the public consciousness with news and facts being attacked on a daily basis, just like the book predicted. Most of this first trailer of Fahrenheit 451 covers the parts of the novel where Guy Montag (Michael B. Jordan) is still part of the Firemen and as Montag's boss Captain Beatty (Michael Shannon) talks about the burning of books making society equal. Jordan, riding high on the success of Black Panther, looks just as intense as he does as Erik Killmonger squaring off against T'Challa. Additionally, the trailer gives insight into a stark futuristic version of a dystopian US society.

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