Draya Is Getting Dragged For Bad Parenting

Draya Michele, 32, is getting dragged on Twitter for being an awful parent after a long rant about refusing to sign her son’s homework.

Via In Touch:

It all started when she posted a now-deleted Instagram to complain about an assignment her son had been given, which required her to sign off that he practiced a speech five times a day over Thanksgiving break. Eventually she got sick of it and insisted "she don't wanna hear it no more" and refused to sign. That's when she posted a photo of her text convo with her son where he says "Mom are you for real? I didn't get a note card and now I'm not getting those points."

Draya insists that "it's not my damn homework but it feels like it!" and offered to write a letter to her son's teacher, but no matter what she says, haters have decided she was being a bad parent. "Do ya see Draya making her son fail his class because she's tired of signing his HW and listening to him recite it to her. Listen if it's not her cooking, it's her parenting. I'm sick of it all," said one fan. Another agreed, tweeting "Instead of her telling her son not to read it to her everyday she's gonna f--k up his grades over her being petty."

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