"Power" Actor Rotimi Announces 'Jeep Music Vol. 1' EP

 "Power" actor Rotimi announced recently that his highly anticipated EP Jeep Music Vol. 1 will be released on August 4th via G-Unit Records/EMPIRE. Rolling out recently spoke with actor and singer Rotimi Akinosho who plays the role of Dre in the drama-filled series. 

Let’s talk about your role in “Power” this season. What can we expect from you this season?

Well, you know, it’s basically the rise of Dre. It’s cool because, thanks to the writers and Courtney [Kemp Agboh] for believing in me, she’s giving me more work and the growth of the character is showing. And you start realizing, is he [Dre] loyal to himself, is he loyal to Ghost or Kanan?  And by the end of the season, you’ll see exactly who he’s loyal to.

You sing and rap. Is there one that you prefer over the other?

Well, music is like a hybrid today. It’s all about melody and people don’t really want to hear riffs and all that right now, but I am a singer. My project that’s coming out that’s called Jeep Music will show all the sides of who I am as an artist.

What can fans expect from your album that’s due out on Aug. 4?

It’s the story of my past relationship. I called it Jeep Music because I’m from Jersey, so my girl was known for having this dope jeep. And that was a part of our whole relationship. It just shows from how we met, the ups and downs, until the end of it. And it’s kind of like a time capsule, so it’s called Jeep Music.

Fans can experience live performances of music from Jeep Music Vol. 1 as Rotimi joins August Alsina on his “Don’t Matter Tour.” The 24-city tour kicks off today in San Antonio, TX and will be stopping in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Take a listen to “Want More” below.

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