Lil' Kim Is Under Investigation

 Lil Kim is a person of interest in an LAPD investigation after masked robbers stole $20K worth of items from a home she was supposed to rent. According to TMZ,  Kim is being investigated because of a dispute she and her crew had with either the owner or property manager of a house she had rented for a BET weekend party. Lil Kim was allegedly not satisfied when she went to check out the house in advance of the party and demanded money back. But she did not receive it, which sparked an argument that resulted in a call to the cops. Kim and her team soon left the property, but around 4 a.m. a group of people wearing ski masks came to the house with weapons taking the deposit check and $20,000 cash, the site reported. On their way out, the robbers also slashed the car tires of the home owner and swiped a hubcap.

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