Mama DeBarge Produces DNA Results For Janet Jackson's Alleged Secret Baby


James DeBarge's mother, Etterlene Debarge, insists she has DNA evidence to support claims that her ex-daughter-in-law, Janet Jackson, gave birth to a secret child. Etterlene tells INSIDE EDITION that a woman named Tiffany reached out to her claiming to be Jackson’s daughter. “I told her, ‘The proof is in the pudding. Let’s go get a DNA test,’” she says. The DNA results showed that the probability of relatedness between Tiffany and Etterlene DeBarge is 96.7%. Tiffany lives in Philadelphia and is 31-years-old, the correct age if Jackson gave birth in 1985. Etterlene tells INSIDE EDITION that she’s convinced that Tiffany is her granddaughter and that Tiffany’s biological parents are Jackson and her son, James DeBarge.

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