Mahershala Ali Battled Childhood Depression


 In a recent interview with "The Hollywood Reporter," Moonlight’ actor Mahershala Ali admits that he was borderline depressed for years. He explains that it started when his father and mother split and he felt a void.  “My uncle has told me, and even my grandmother, I went into a depression,” Ali, 43, revealed in a first-person piece for the Hollywood Reporter. “I was borderline depressed for years. There was a sadness over me, a melancholy.” “That’s always been a part of me — those are some of the things that lead you to the arts,” Ali added. “It’s something I still think about, not that it brings me sadness at this point; it’s a void or fracture that happened so early that now I have to dress it in the healthiest way. We’re affected by things, but 20 or 30 years later we can choose to feel different about them. I understand: My mom and dad were kids. And I know that they loved me and did the best they could do.”


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