Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul Sues Travis Scott

Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul is suing Travis Scott over the chorus of his 2018 track "No Bystanders, which he claims has an almost identical hook to Three 6 Mafia’s track “Tear Da Club Up” off the group’s 1995 album Mystic Stylez.

Via Hypebest:

The Memphis hip-hop icon has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit noting the Astroworld track “No Bystanders” features a chant which features “the cadence and sound” that is “virtually identical and strikingly similar” to the hook on Three 6 Mafia’s “Tear Da Club Up.” Credited as a performer and co-writer, DJ Paul is now seeking $20 million USD in damages as he claims La Flame did not seek permission to use part of the 1997 hit song.

The lawsuit also points to Travis Scott’s 2019 Grammy performance of “No Bystanders” in which Scott changed the lyrics to “tear the club up” instead of the unedited version’s “fuck the club up.” Additionally, it is important to note despite being a Three 6 Mafia track, DJ Paul is the only member of the group cited in the lawsuit.

Travis Scott and his label are now in contact with DJ Paul, who notes, “There is no beef, just business.” Paul continued, “Everything will be worked out accordingly with proper communication between he, Juicy J, and I.” Stay tuned for more details as the story develops.

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