Bill Bellamy Stops By Rise & Grind to Talk R. Kelly, Kaepernick, & More!

Bill Bellamy stopped by the Rise & Grind Morning earlier to talk pop culture, comedy, and of course, his show dates.

Bill Bellamy has been in the comedy game for decades! He was a staple on MTV back in the day. He also starred in Love Jones, How to Be A Player, The Brothers , and more. All the while, he has continued to tour and do stand up comedy.

He stopped by this morning to promote the shows that he has through Saturday at Punchline Philly. Make sure to get your tickets before they are all sold out! CLICK HERE for them!

He also spoke about listening to R. Kelly, supporting Colin Kaepernick, and how he coined the phrase "booty call".

Check out the full interview below. He is hilarious!

The Rise & Grind Morning Show

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