R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Opens Up About Abusive Relationship

During an appearance on TV One’s Sister Circle, Andrea Kelly the ex-wife of R. Kelly, spilled all the tea for the very first time in 10 years about her abusive marriage to R. Kelly. I know what you’re saying, why is she speaking out now?! Well, my girl Syleena Johnson asked Andrea why she chose to speak out about her experience now and she said, “You have to love somebody enough to tell them enough and I don’t believe that my ex-husband has enough people in his life to be real with him, to be honest with him, who care about his healing, who care about the healing of these families and I feel like it’s God’s time. I was not strong enough. How can I be a voice for the voiceless when I don’t even have my own? How can I be powerful for the powerless when I don’t even have my own. So I had to wait until God said, ‘okay daughter, it is time.” Take a look at the emotional interview below.

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