Tink Cut Ties WithTimbaland’s Mosley Music Group

In a new interview with Fader, Tink revealed that she has cut ties with Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group.“There was stuff within the business side that messed up a lot of things,” Tink said. “Like, you can love a person to death, but if the business isn't right, there's always going to be friction. I just felt like nobody was paying attention to what I had going on outside of me and Tim. For me, that was the red flag. I stepped into the deal just hoping that I would be accepted for whatever I created. It wasn't that type of situation.” Tink said her debut album was done back in 2015, “The album was actually finished. There was an intro, I had interludes.” Tink said. “It was [Timbaland’s] call to hold back on it, and I think, I want to say, for the benefit of the doubt, he did want to perfect it. But it was Tim's call not to put it out."

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