Mo'Nique Claps Back At Gary Owens

Gary Owens would not allow Mo'Nique to slander Will Packer's name. The comedian jumped in the conversation after Mo'Nique shared her thoughts on allegedly being ousted by mega-producer, Will Packer. “Man, Mo’Nique don’t stop – she blames everybody,” Owen said.  It’s Oprah, it’s Lee Daniels, it’s Tyler Perry, it’s Netflix. Now it’s Will Packer. “She went too far when she started blaming him. He put you in a movie, ‘Almost Christmas,’ when nobody else was putting you in movies. He stuck his neck out for you. I’m not gonna sit back and let you slander my friend’s name like that.” Mo’Nique didn’t pass on the opportunity to clap back at Owen. “Gary, I hope you fight as hard for your African-American wife and daughter for the inequities they face,” Mo’Nique said. “For all the black people you say he’s helped, why are you speaking for them? We don’t need a spokesperson.”


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