Evelyn Braxton Opens Up About Tamar Braxton’s Abusive Marriage

Evelyn Braxton continues to speak out about the abuse she says her daughter Tamar Braxton suffered at the hands of her estranged husband Vincent Herbert.

Via theGrio:

 “It was definitely a volatile relationship. This has been going on for years.” When asked if she ever confronted Vince, she claimed she did and he always blamed Tamar, "It’s always, ‘It’s Tamar’s mouth’… it’s always someone else. That does not give you the right to abuse her. Everybody has a mouth. Everyone should have the right to say what they want. Are you trying to beat [her] into submissiveness? No one has the right." Evelyn also alleges the abuse was discussed on Braxton Family Values but the footage was always cut. Mama Braxton also confirmed the reports about Vince biting Tamar’s finger until it bled at an Atlanta hotel were true. As for her relationship with Tamar, Evelyn says they are “talking” and “hugging" and adds, “They say the truth shall set you free. They’ve been trying to hide it for years. And I have the audacity to tell the truth.”

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