Bobby Brown - Getty Images

Bobby Brown is suing to stop TV One for broadcasting an authorized movie about his late daughter Bobbi Kristina. According to the New York Post, Bobby claims in the suit that the film is "defamatory and untrue," and suggests he "does not love his daughter and is not committed to his daughter." The film also reportedly includes scenes of him being violent toward Whitney. Bobby Brown is suing for libel and slander and is seeking damages in excess of a million dollars. Now this tea is going to blow your mind!!  Bobby Brown claims to have been the one who taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk. Brown said that he 'was the first one' to do the dance move in his Boston neighborhood of Orchard Park 'to do the moonwalk. 'The moonwalk was one of my signature moves,' he said. 'Nobody. I had brought it up from down South. It was something that just killed the game once I brought it up the East Coast.'