Kandi Burruss’ Old Lady Gang Passes Health Inspection

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Earlier this week news leaked that Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss’ “Old Lady Gang” restaurant received a “C” rating from the Georgia Department of Public Health for  health code violations. B. Scott reached out to Kandi to get the tea on what’s really going on with her restaurant and she exclusively gave lovebscott.com the following statement: “Our score is an A. Yes, it was a C for like three days, but for minor things like someone in the kitchen didn’t have their hair net on — or we ran out of paper towels by the sink. We immediately corrected those things and our score returned to an A.  My thing is this — I can’t believe the one thing people choose to overlook is the fact that our score IS an A. We love our customers. We do whatever we can to make sure they have an amazing experience. When it comes to cleanliness, we’re more than on top of things. The only complaint I’ve ever received from customers about OLG is the fact there’s a long ass wait!

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