Did Greg Leakes Suffer A Stroke On 'RHOA' Set?

NeNe Leakes has taken to social media, disputing reports that her husband Gregg has suffered a stroke,   Radar Online reported a source close to production claimed Gregg suffered a stroke while filming “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” "We’ve gotten tons of text messages, calls and emails from concern family & friends because these lying ass people don’t take family in consideration when they Print bullshi#%$  NO Gregg has NEVER suffered a Stroke before! YES Gregg did get sick during filming. He drove his own self to the ER. I wasn’t even with him! See this is when I need people to put there thinking caps on! Gregg suffers a stroke! His doctors put him on bed rest, yet he’s at a party on Saturday night let’s just keep Gregg’s health and mine too in prayer hunni. Lawd knows we need it PS: you can’t even get sick these days and go to the ER without folks saying you dead  #fakenews #lifeoftheleakes

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