Joseline Calls Stevie J’s Daughter A Nappy Head H**

On Monday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [June 26], Savannah told Mimi Faust, that Joseline is “so toxic” to her father, Stevie J. Joseline was pissed after Savannah's comments aired, so she decided to diss her on Twitter, June 27. In multiple replies to fan,  Joseline called Savannah a “nappy headed h**” and accused Sav of being mad that she’s with Stevie, according to Hollywoodlife. That h-- mad cause I run her daddy. Now run along and find your own c--k to suck. You nappy head," the Puerto Rican princess wrote, adding a peace sign emoji. The internet tried to tell Joseline she was out of line for talking to a child like that, she tweeted. "That young lady is 18." "She's grown enough to dish it out she will be grown enough to take it!! I'm done with this conversation. Back to reality." Stevie J’s 18-year-old daughter was forced to clap back at Joseline on Tuesday, after Joseline called her a “nappy head” on Twitter. She took to  Snapchat to give Jos a taste of he own medicine.

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