August Alsina Allegedly Flashes Gun At Fans

2016 American Music Awards - Show

August Alsina took to social media to clear the air after reports claimed he allegedly flashed a gun at some fans harassing him for pictures at a Southern California grocery store. Alsina,  who recently revealed he's suffering from a liver disease, reportedly didn't feel well and declined to take the photo, but the fans continued to pester him. When Alsina made it to his car, he placed a gun in his waistband and flashed the butt of the weapon at the persistent group, according to TMZ.  In response to the “Alleged” 😊😒 Ps; where I’m from we don’t pull out guns if it’s not to be used.& speaking for myself , I don’t up the strap at fans.We show love over here. True love! Because love is the only way!Bt if any of you other busta’s run up …. I might forget that part & … Welp, you know the rest. 😴Have a nice day. & new music #dontmatter is out on iTunes/Spotify all digital platforms.

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