Chris Brown Has A Friend In Lil Mama

Lil Mama believes Chris  Brown was never able to redeem himself because of the stigma put against him from the 2009  Rihanna  assault case. While choppin it up with the Flip the Script podcast, she used Chris Brown as an example while speaking on forgiveness. “Look at Chris Brown, somebody that there’s always rock being thrown at him to the point where maybe his heart has hardened,” she said. She then added, “You’ve done things in your past that’s not on the record because you didn’t have the fame at the age of 15. And the sh** that you was doing you, and your loved ones, and your close friends, they remember that sh** and they forgive you for it. Imagine the whole world not forgiving you for something that you did. We gotta learn how to forgive each other.” Brown saw the comments and wrote his own response on Instagram, saying: “I F*CK WIT YOU FOR THIS MOMMA.”Watch the video of the ‘Lip Gloss’ singer tearing up as she talks about Chris’ past.

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