Did Peter Thomas Pull A Knife On Matt Jordan?


Matt Jordan, ex-bf of ‘RHOA’ star Kenya Moore, says that the reason he didn’t kick Peter Thomas’ ass during their during their fight at a Charlotte NC radio station is because Peter had a weapon. Recently released footage from the day reveals that the conversation between the two turned violent, with Matt throwing a water bottle at Peter and lunging at him. Peter  pulled out a knife to defend himself against the attack!

Matt tells Mara the Hip Hop Socialite,

Uh, yeah, he had a knife – he had a boxcutter. That’s why his hand was in his pocket the whole time. I didn’t have no knife – I don’t feel like I need a knife, you understand what I’m saying, for…just to knuckle up and handle your business, especially for a 60-year-old man. Um, yeah, your man had a box cutter. [laughs] Yeah, he had a box cutter, that was why the altercation went the way it went – that is why he wanted the footage to be aired. See you gotta understand when I went around the young lady, that was when he pulled the knife, but he pulled it by his waistline. Instead of normally when you see somebody pull a knife, they pull it down, you know, to their side – you straighten your arm, I guess I’m saying. He hid it in his pocket, and then he pulled it out at the last minute. As you can see during the altercation, my focus is on the knife – I’m trying to get the knife. Once I got stabbed in the hand, then my focus went from the knife to him because I knew me jumping on the table and all of that, they’re going to be like, ‘Oh Peter was moving you; Peter threw you. He had you in a headlock.’

 I knew the way it was going to look on camera because see I’m fighting Peter and a knife. You see what I’m saying? But I’m a warrior – I’ve been in way worse situations than that. I’ve been stabbed twice, I’ve been jumped several times, I’ve been knocked unconscious, pistol whipped – I’ve only fought two men that actually put their feet down, balled up their fists and had a fair fight with me, so I expected that kind of behavior from Peter.I got a laceration on my middle finger and a frozen tendon. I can’t move my middle finger – I have to get surgery. Yeah, he stabbed me in the knuckle as I was trying to get the knife from his hands.

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